Nakas: If you don’t know how to procure Vaccines, stay away so that those who do know could come instead

Dr. Bakir Nakas addressed the participants of the protest in Sarajevo, at which a more efficient fight of the authorities against the coronavirus is demanded. Nakas, who recently filed a criminal complaint against several politicians since they did not manage to procure vaccines, called on those responsible to resign.

“Resign, that is the only option you have now. A group of citizens gathered around the Alliance of Anti-fascists expressed their dissatisfaction against those responsible who were supposed to provide the necessary protection against coronavirus in time. We have information that the Prosecutor’s Office is working intensively,” told Nakas, adding that someone has to be responsible.

He noted that politicians who do not know how to get the vaccines should go away so that those who do know can come instead.

To recall, he filed a criminal complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) against Zoran Tegeltija, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Ankica Gudeljevic, Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, Fadil Novalic, Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH (FBiH), and Vjekoslav Mandic, Minister of Health of the FBiH due to the existence of grounds for suspicion that they, in the period from September 18th, 2020 to March 18th, 2021, aware of their legal obligations, have not performed their official duties when it comes to providing and direct procurement of vaccines needed for immunization of the population.

The organizer of yesterday’s protest is the movement “Women’s March – Fight for Life” (“Ženski marš-borba za život”). At the protest, state and federal parliamentarians were demanding the removal of the Council of Ministers of BiH and the FBiH Government, as well as the appointment of new executive bodies, which will present a specific and enforceable action plan regarding the fight against coronavirus pandemic and crisis management within 14 days, Klix.ba writes.

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