Mysterious Billionaire offers Millions for Tito’s House in New York?

tito villaFor the famous Beeckman House in New York, a villa that is sold by states of former Yugoslavia, arrived the most serious offer so far.

The potential buyer offers a total of 50 million USD for this real estate, which is under the protection of the state and the city of New York due to the enormous historical importance.

The offer of 50 million USD is preliminary. After the states of former Yugoslavia agree on it, talks with the buyer will follow, and the selling price may be even higher than the offer.

Sale of the Beeckman House on the Fifth Avenue, where the Mission of Serbia in UN currently resides, attracted great attention from the public and billionaires of the US, and a total of six potential buyers showed interest in it in the last six months. The offer of 50 million USD is the real price of that real estate, and the states of the former Yugoslavia agreed that they will not sell it for the price below 40 million EUR.

However, it looks like the selling price will even exceed the starting price, which is not surprising given the historical significance and the interior of this villa. Its entire interior – furniture, artwork, golden lighthouses and numerous other golden details – are included in the purchase price as well.

(Source: klix.ba)

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