Muzaffer Çilek donated more than 1 million BAM to flooded Areas

Muzaffer CelikMuzaffer Çilek, the Turkish businessman with Bosnian origins, donated the assistance to vulnerable ones and those affected by floods in BiH worth more than 1 million BAM.

Besides that, the help with basic groceries is being delivered to 400 families in Doboj these days, and 16 tons of flour has been delivered to the Soup kitchen.

From 20 truckloads of assistance in total, 15 truckloads is related to children’s furniture for the population affected by floods, while 5 truckloads related to food and basic groceries, thanks to which, around 2900 families got food packages.

The assistance has been distributed across the country, wherever it was needed, drom Olovo and Malgaj, through Bosanski Samac and Doboj, to Odzak, Orasje, Sapna and Sarajevo.

Muzaffer Çilek is the owner of the company for the production of children’s furniture “ÇILEK“, Honorary Consul of BiH in Turkey and the president of the BIGMEV Foundation.

Muzaffer Çilek is a descendant of the family Sikiric from Fojnica and currently lives in Istanbul. The “ ÇILEK“ company in Turkey is the leader in the production of children’s furniture, and today, with 444 outlets in 66 countries, carries the status of a global brand. He gives the great importance to the entrepreneurship and branding. Muzaffer Čilek invests in various sectors in BiH, such as agriculture, building, tourism and energetic. Through thr BIGMEV Foundation, that was founded by him, Muzaffer Čilek develops economic, cultural and scientific relations between BiH and other countries.


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