Mutual Recognition of Driving Licenses of BiH and Italy

carsCouncil of Ministers of BiH defined at its session THE Proposal Agreement between the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Republic of Italy on mutual recognition in the field of replacement driving licenses, with the aim of facilitating the road traffic on the territory of the two countries.

According to the Agreement, the parties admit mutually, for the purpose of replacing, valid driving licenses in favor of their owners who acquired permanent residence in the territory of another country.

Driver’s license, issued by the competent authorities of one of the parties, will not be valid in the territory of the other party one year after its owner acquires the right of permanent residence in the territory of the other contracting party. Driver’s license can be replaced without the obligation of taking the theoretical and practical examinations, except in special cases regarding to drivers with disabilities.

Owner of BH driver license replaces its driver’s license without taking the exam only if he/she is resident of Italy for less than 4 years at the time of applying for a replacement.

The Ministry of Communications and Transportation will provide the Proposal Agreement to the Presidency of BiH for further procedure, with the suggestion that the BiH signatory is Minister Ismir Jusko.

(Source: Klix.ba/ Photo: faktor.ba)

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