Mutap Family: Alisa’s Husband did not threaten Muriz Memic

Mutap family issued a statement in which, as they say, "they want to inform the public that Muriz Memic falsely reported Alisa's husband due to alleged threats".

In order not to wait for Muriz Memic for the next five years, as we are waiting for him to finally tell us the name of the killer of his son, whom he knows and with whom he occasionally meets, and maybe feeds him, as he fed Seferovic (according to him), we as family we decided to tell the public who he reported, "the statement said. 

As they say, Muriz Memic terrorizes both of them and the public "with his sensationalist announcements". 

"I will say today, maybe tomorrow or not, let someone say the name, I will give the last name. Muriz Memic, who killed your son? Don't you care at least for other citizens when you hide and protect the killer? We will ignore the fact that it is all praise for the quick reaction of the police, we hope they will be so fast in the future as well. We remind you that police officers of the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior Police Directorate identified, found and arrested yesterday Alisa's husband Fahrudin Ramic from Sarajevo, who is suspected of threatening to kill Muriz Memic, the father of the murdered Dzenan. Mirza Hadziabdic, spokesman for the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of the Interior, confirmed for Klix.ba that Ramic had just been released.

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