Mustafa Skopljak is the winner of the award ”Roman Petrović”

Mustafa Skopljak delighted the jury at the traditional exhibition and won the award ”Roman Petrović for his work entitled ”Mica and Lazo in dialogue”. Skopljak competed against other 70 artists at the exhibition entitled ”Mali format”. Skopljak considers this awards as a special recognition because it carries the name of the founder of the Association of artists of B&H.

”The awards are a certain stimulus for the artist and a confirmation to continue to develop ideas and the visual culture of the artist”- said Skopljak. This award encompasses a free exhibition at the Gallery ”Roman Petrović” in Sarajevo. Skopljak said that his exhibition will take place in 2013.

” I would be delighted to make an exhibition after the summer, in the autumn days”- said Skopljak.


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