Muslims marked Laylat Al Badr last Night

mosqueLast night, the 17th night of the month of Ramadan, was marked as the Night of the battle on the Badr well, the Laylat Al Badr.

Two years after the prophet Muhammad left Makkah and went to Medina, i.e. in the year 624, a battle took place on Badr, a battle which was one of the most crucial victories of Muslims in the history. This battle was crucial for Muslims since the victory against far stronger enemy enabled them to gain full recognition as a community in the world.

Occasion of the battle on Badr was the interception of the Quraish caravan by ashabs (prophet’s companions). The caravan was on its way back to Makkah from Damascus and a conflict of a larger scale was not planned. The victory on Badr is the announcement of Islam and Muslims as the world safety and military-strategic factor, as the factor that will preserve and defend the territorial integrity and political sovereignty of the community of Muslims.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/photo: info-ks.net)

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