Muslims marked the Day of Ashura

Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world yesterday marked the day of Ashura or Jevma Ashura, which is in the traditions of the monotheistic religions, the symbolism of this holiday associated with the prophet Noah.

Ashura is also marked by Christians and Jews, and Muslims mark it on the tenth day of the Muslim month of Muharram. Believers, besides fasting and praying, make a dish to which seven to 77 sweet and salty foods are placed, and this is shared with neighbors and friends.

Ashura (in Arabic ten), as well as Noah’s arch symbolizes the renewal of a ruined society, its rebirth, and the convergence of people of different beliefs.

The central manifestation of Jevma Ashura is traditionally celebrated in Sinanova Tekija in Sarajevo. In addition to the rich religious program, the occasional lectures, the zikra, the reciting of religious songs, many people visit this thread for the Ashura meal, which has a unique taste and sweetness that is remembered.

(Source: Klix.ba/ photo sandzakpress)

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