Muslim Aid plans great charity events in BiH in 2013

Activists of BiH branch of Muslim Aid, a British charity organization, have achieved great results in implementing charity projects.

These projects have great functional meaning which is characterised by the care for humans and their creativity in designing in order to satisfy customers more successfully.

Muslim Aid BiH marked the end of this year by building playground in eastern Bosnia, empowering women in Mostar, and with donation to EDUS. Empowering women and women’s associations is the main goal of Muslim Aid BiH.

Since December 2012 beautiful and well-equipped playgrounds have been built in PS Križevići, local community Divić, PS Cerska, local community Liplje, and the value of this project was 32,000 BAM.

Current project of Muslim Aid that helps senior population began in early December in Mostar.

Thirty five middle-aged socially endangered women are attending the training.

Cooperation has been realised with the Association of Citizens EDUS, who deal with the individual work with autistic children and non-autistic children, on the principle of the Cabas system designed at the Columbia University in the U.S.

Muslim Aid donated 6 000 BAM to EDUS of didactic material.

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