Music Room

muzicka sobaThe premiere of the documentary film and the presentation of the Music Room songs, accompanied by music spots and remixes will take place tonight within the program “Zoom rights” of the Human Rights Film Festival 2013.

The film is realized as the first film of the series “Heroji svakodnevnice” which SCCA/ is implementing for Al Jazeera Balkan. The project Music Room of the Association ART LAB will take place at the Children’s Home on Bjelave.

The producer of AL Jazeera Balkan Sead Kreševljaković and the producer of SCCA/pro: ba, Amra Bakšić Čamo worked on the film. Enes Zlatar is the author of the video spot and the first remix of the song Music room. The song was recorded at Long Play Studio in Ilidža.

The film promotion is tonight at Art Cinema Kriterion at 17:00.


(Source: Press Service)

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