Museum “Valter Defends Sarajevo” to be opened in Two Months

Sarajevo, i.e. BiH, should get the Museum “Valter Defends Sarajevo” in a couple of months, and the creator of the project is the Film Center Sarajevo. The museum will be placed in their premises.

The project was presented at the tourist point of the future museum in the settlement of Hrid, where the cult scene of the film “Das ist Valter” was recorded.

“”Valter Defends Sarajevo” is a cult achievement of our cinematography and one of the main characteristics of Sarajevo. The Film Center Sarajevo has its own premises in the city center, and we can do this with the project “Valter Defends Sarajevo”. It should be a museum with an attractive scenery from the movie. It is also conceived as a type of cultural space in the city of Sarajevo as well as a tourist attraction. In this place was located the House of Culture of Hrid back in time when this film was recorded, and the historical scene of “Das ist Valter” was recorded here. People can come and take a look at Sarajevo from this location,” said Jasmin Durakovic, the Director of the Film Center of Sarajevo.

He noted that the Film Center Sarajevo will be a contractor of this project.

“The third part of the project is the future tourist tour “Valter Defends Sarajevo” with our partners. We want to offer a complete solution that is dedicated to the history of BH film and it is a tourism potential as well. The museum will be located in our premises, in the Dzenatica Cikma Street. We have adequate space there and we are planning to implement this project in the next two months,” said Durakovic.

“We will do the reconstruction of some scenes from the movie. I think that we will be able to fund this project, and that it will become economically viable,” stated Durakovic.

(Source: faktor.ba)





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