Museum of the Franciscan Monastery in Fojnica nominated for the European Museum of the Year

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Franciscan Monastery “Duha Svetoga (Holy Spirit)” in Fojnica was nominated for the award “European Museum of the Year” in a competition among 60 European museums, and this is the confirmation of centuries-old tradition of the Franciscans.

The award ceremony will be held in May in Zagreb, and the task that Franciscans have to do first is to demonstrate which one is the most important museum piece.

“We are very proud of this information, as Fojnica and as Franciscan provinceand , especially as BiH, because it is not only the merit of the last monks, but all the monks who have worked for years, centuries and decades in order for Fojnica to have preserved and beautiful exhibits like this,” said Fr. Miro Relota.

Curator of the monastery museum Janko Ljubos evaluated that they are all very proud because of the official candidacy, referring to all the friars that have collected many artifacts that are the backbone of today’s museum.

Museum of the Franciscan Monastery has invaluable cultural and historical treasure that testifies about the centuries-old existence of BiH and our nation, and it is on the List of cultural and historic heritage of BiH. In his numerous collection is one of the original mantle of Fr. Angel Zvizdovic and one of the largest libraries with around 50,000 titles.

It also contains a number of valuable objects, historical findings, books, historical documents and various findings from the 11th century BC. There are mainly different kinds of weapons and fibula, and various ornaments and buckles from the 7th century BC, as well as old costumes, copies of old crafts practiced by people in Fojnica, and items made of gold and silver.

The museum also possess a gallery of valuable paintings, among which is the oldest painting from the history of art of BiH – it is a work from the year of 1328, painted on wood.



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