Museum Exhibition “Sarajevo 1914-2014” to be Held on 25th November

sarajevo oldMuseum of Sarajevo, in cooperation with the City Administration of Sarajevo, will organize the exhibition “Sarajevo 1914-2014” on November 25, the National Day of BiH.

“Sarajevo became known worldwide just after the assassination in 1914. Unfortunately, the nineties of the last century have put the focus of world attention once again to our city after Sarajevo became the city under the longest siege in modern warfare history. Between these two events, this city lived and showed the world that it can even organize the Olympic Games, and very successfully,” said Madžarević.

She underlines that the exhibition “Sarajevo 1914-2014” wants to show not only the history of the city which is very rich and tumultuous, but also the other side, less known to the general public – and that is life.

Madžarević announced that the central part of the exhibition will be dedicated to the culture of family life and traditional clothing through periods, with which employees of the Museum of Sarajevo wanted to show all the richness and diversity of life in Sarajevo.

The exhibition will mainly present photos from the museum collection and other related institutions. The central parts of the exhibition, the culture of living and dressing through different times will show the ordinary life of Sarajevo families. Fellow citizens lent items and family photos, which are in their private collection, for this opportunity to the Museum.

Opening the exhibition, whose setting was aided by the Memorial Fund and BH Telecom, will take place on November 25, on the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


(Source: Fena/ photo wikipedia)

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