Musa: our main Goal is to qualify for the EURO 2020


As part of the Action Plan for the performance of the “A” national team in the play-off matches, which was adopted at the session of the FF BH Executive Board on 29th January 2020, members of the technical staff spent the last weekend traveling.

The plan was to visit seven players and that part of the work was successfully completed, as confirmed by one of the of assistants of head coach Duško Bajević, Slaven Musa:

“We visited everything and we are super happy with the work done. We presented the players with what they would be required to do when they arrived at the gathering, and their reactions were really great. Everyone is eager for the game and the evidence, and with a special motive they are waiting for the play-off matches. Players are delighted with this type of communication and it is much better for us to be able to visit and talk to them in person. It was tough, we visited Zagreb, Milan, Florence, Rijeka, but it was worth it, because we saw the fantastic reactions of our national team members when we introduced them to our way of working and thinking. We are additionally encouraged, after talking with Krunić, with a possibility of his recovery until the play-off match. We have a lot of information and all this will be contained in the report that we will present to the head coach at the next meeting.”

That report will certainly include details related to the activities of Adnan Čustović, whose task this past weekend included monitoring the performances of Ermedin Demirović and Miroslav Stevanović.

In addition to the members of the technical staff, secretary Darko Ljubojević has a lot of obligations too:

“As we announced, our main goal is to qualify for the EURO 2020. All activities are currently focused on specific segments, that is, providing logistical support, so that visits to players could go without complications. These preparatory activities for the pay-off matches go in two directions. One is to say so, purely football, where we analyse opponents and their players, of course the special focus is on our football players; and the other direction is all those technical details that need to be prepared, in order for this first one to be realised.”


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