Mural with the Image of Ratko Mladic was painted in Foca with shameful Slogans

A new mural with the image of convicted war criminal Ratko Mladic, former commander of the so-called Army of the Republika Srpska (RS) appeared in the Foca settlement of Medjurjecje in Petra Bojovica Street.

This mural is painted in a way that represents a war criminal salutes passers-by in the street near the Fisherman’s Restaurant which is close to the school, and the slogans “In the fire and storm your name is heard throughout the RS” and “We praise your mother” were also written on the hotel building whose construction has begun. 

Local authorities obviously have nothing against the mural for war criminals, among which is the mural of World War II war criminal Draza Mihailovic, which was painted a few years ago in the city center in Samoborska Street, given that they ignored the demands of the Association of War Victims Foca 92 -95 which asked the removal of the mural to the Chetnik general.

Painting residential buildings with murals of war criminals and other personalities from Serbian history has become a real trend in Foca, which in this way sends a bad message to Bosniaks who are returning to this city. Izet Spahic, the only Bosniak councilor in the local parliament, states that there have been more and more such cases lately.

“Painting a mural to war criminal Ratko Mladic is just another in a series of facts that the situation for Bosniaks in RS is becoming unbearable and alarming. I warned about that at the session of the local parliament both the legislative and executive power,” told Spahic.

He points out that the situation started to get more complicated much earlier, and one of the examples is a letter from a veterans’ organization from Foca, in which political parties were asked not to allow the participation of “Muslim parties” in the government, which then happened.

“One example is the fact that shots were fired from an automatic weapon during Christmas at the house of a returnee who lives in the immediate city area. He found bullets fired from an automatic weapon on his terrace. Also, you could see the desecration of the minaret at the Aladza mosque where the shots were fired. Furthermore, there are numerous examples of Bosniak returnees from the field complaining about the harassment of Serb neighbors, whose livestock is destroying their properties and gardens. Returnees regularly report to the police, but the only result is that the harassment is being repeated, ” Spahic noted.

It is also indicative that the police could not say whether the Aladza mosque was shot at, as can be noticed from the report of the Police Department of Foca.

Another example of bad treatment of returnees, as Spahic claims, is the fact that a Bosniak man with perfect knowledge of English and computer science was recently fired from the municipal administration.

“It is easier to register a place of residence anywhere on the globe than in the RS in Foca. The general conclusion is that in the RS entity, the Dayton Agreement, which the RS leadership formally recognizes, exists only on paper while the Bosniak politics for outwitting and fight with each other continues, and at the same time the state is obviously disappearing before our eyes, ” Izet Spahic, councilor in the Municipal Assembly of Foca, said indignantly, Klix.ba writes.


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