Municipally Prozor-Rama and UNDP Help Planting Of Raspberries

malina(2) (1)UNDP project Chains of Employment in cooperation with municipality Prozor-Rama, will help interested users in planting raspberries.

The contribution of UNDP in the total investment is 55%, municipality Prozor Rama 30%, while the remaining 15 % will be invested by the user.

As was announced on the website of the municipality, the persons that meet general and additional criteria and are ready to contribute with 15% of total investment have the right to participate in the project. People who have previously participated in the UNDP project Chains of Employment have no right to apply to this announcement.

The total area covered so far in this project is 40 dunum. The maximum number of users that will be chosen for this public call is 30. The call lasts until 2 august.

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