Municipality Tuzla: Signing of Letter of Intent

green-energy_Today in the building of the municipality of Tuzla at 10:00, the signing of a letter of intent between USAID/B&H and municipality Tuzla will take place.

The letter of intent is related to the renovation, equipping and launching of an Info Center for energy efficiency in Tuzla (EE Info Center). The Center will have the task of providing information and mobilizing people on the importance of energy efficiency, and will serve to maintain the training of people who are interested in the production of energy efficiency equipment and appliances, as well as renewable resources.

After the signing of the letter of intent in the elementary school ‘Pazar’ in Tuzla, a class will be held called ‘Think of tomorrow’ at 11:00. The class will have the goal of promoting and raising public awareness on energy efficiency and renewable energy in elementary schools.

(Source: Press Office municipality Tuzla)

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