The Municipality Stari Grad invested more than 3.5 million BAM in Numerous Projects

The Municipality of Stari Grad spent more than 3.5 million BAM on the realization of several projects in the first six months of this year, of which a total of 1.260.000 BAM was spent on the reconstruction of infrastructure, as stated by the Mayor of the Municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo, Ibrahim Hadzibajric.

According to him, four new playgrounds were opened at Sedrenik, Moskanci, Vratnik, and Bistrik, for which was allocated more than 100,000 BAM.

“We also opened the first Center for promotion and improvement of health in Canton Sarajevo for elderly people, and it will receive users from the entire Sarajevo. We allocated a total of 60,000 BAM for that project. Moreover, we purchased a fire truck and equipment for DVD Vratnik and 50 helmets for the Police Station of Stari Grad. The value of these purchases amounted to around 180,000 BAM,” said Mayor Hadzibajric.

Talking about the infrastructure, Hadzibajric said that they removed three demolished objects and seven more objects are planned in the future period, for which will be allocated 60,000 BAM.

The Municipality of Stari Grad continued with the project of video surveillance in primary schools and more than 100 cameras have been set up, and this project cost 55.000 BAM.

They also secured a free transportation of schoolchildren from Sedrenik, Obhodze, and Hrid, and they invested 120.000 BAM in this project.

They also helped the projects of the NGO sector in the amount of 97,000 BAM, and these projects refer to care for children with disabilities and children without parental care, the protection of cultural and historical heritage and development of tourism, economic empowerment of women and reduction of juvenile delinquency.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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