Municipality ‘Stari Grad’ hosts the 10th Cycling Marathon “Kragujevac – Mostar 2013”

maratonBegan the 10th Jubilee of cycling marathon “Kragujevac – Mostar 2013″. The organization is supported even by the Sarajevo Municipality of Stari Grad.

Ten cyclists from Kragujevac departed this morning to Mostar. The race will have four stages; Kragujevac Užice, Užice Višegrad, Višegrad – Sarajevo and Sarajevo – Mostar.

For all participants of the 10th cycling marathon that started from Kragujevac through Mostar, will be organized a ceremonial welcome in the towns through which they pass: Užice, Višegrad and Sarajevo.

In Sarajevo they are expected on Friday, 26th  July, and the host will be the Mayor of the municipality Stari Grad, Ibrahim Hadžibajrić.

They will be expected and waited for at the Music Hall, in the old park at Mejdan, at 15.00 pm.

The marathon organizers on this occasion will give a plaque, to the Mayor Hadžibajrić as a sign of the gratitude for his support.

This year’s marathon runs 10 cyclists, and the support team is 15 people. The marathon will finish by participating at the event of jumping from the Old Bridge on the Neretva River.

The sponsors of the event, as in previous years are the city of Kragujevac and Mostar, and cities and municipalities through which the cyclists are passing Užice, Višegrad and Municipality of Stari Grad.

(Source: Fena)

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