Municipality Stari Grad to employ Students of the Medical School and help them to go on an Excursion

municipality action excursionMunicipality Stari Grad will participate in the action “Ekskurzija 2017” of students of Central Medical School in Bjelave and help them to raise funds so that their generation can go to the excursion.

High school students who want to earn money, in order for their friends who have a lower income to go on an excursion, will work in Ambassadors Alley next month. Students, together with the employees of the Department of Technical Affairs of the Municipality of Stari Grad, will be cleaning Ambassadors Alley from waste, leaves, and weeds, and their work will be paid.

“We decided to participate in this action because it is very commendable that you want to earn money with your own work and effort. Unfortunately, many do not think like that today. We will support your idea and pay for your work, and you will also send a message to your classmates that with work and effort everything can be achieved in life,” said Mayor Hadzibajric.

“Our school is attended by students from other cities – Buzim, Bugojno, Visoko … It is hard enough for them to bear the costs of accommodation and apartments in Sarajevo and find it difficult to pay the trip. There are nine students who cannot finance the trip in my class and we all agreed to help them,” says Dzenan.

“We agreed to accept the most favorable arrangement so that we can all travel together. We would like a tour Vienna-Budapest Prag,” says Dzenan, one of the students who started this action, adding that they already distributed flyers and promotional packages last weekend, and earned a symbolic sum of money.

“This is a great idea and I know that all of my school friends will accept it. I’ll be the first to wear the work clothes and we will clean promenade, because we suggested all the work that we can do, among other things, to arrange parks. I am happy that I will now go back to the class with the good news and I want to thank the Municipality Stari Grad “, said Dzenan about the idea of working in Ambassadors Alley.

(Source: klix.ba)

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