Municipality set up a Table with a Warning on Six Public Water Pipes

The Municipality of Stari Grad set up a table with a warning on six public water pipes on which water is not healthy for drinking.

Namely, the public water Grlicica brdo no. 2 near the mosque, Grlicica brdo near cemetary, Sedrenik b.b. across the street number 53, Sagrdzija no. 2 at the mosque, Zmajevac bb and Vrbanjska 84 near the mosque.

Water pipes are connected to the public water supply system under the jurisdiction of KJKP “Vodovod i kanalizacija” d.o.o. Sarajevo, and the warning was set on the basis of a water sample analysis performed by the Public Health Centre of Canton Sarajevo Institute and relates solely to the correctness of indoor installations in public water, and not water quality in the public water supply system.

Given that the maintenance of public safes is within the competence of the municipality, tit is expected that  the competent municipal services will organize a re-inspection of public health water quality, carried out by the Public Health Institute of CS.

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