Municipality Center Will Finance the Transportation of a Lioness at the Pioneer Valley

lavicaThe Mayor of the Municipality Center Dževad Bećirović accepted the initiative of councilors, which is that the municipality budget would allocate 13.000 BAM for the transport of a lioness to the Sarajevo zoo, stated the manager of this zoo Esad Tajić. Pioneer Valley Zoo expects the money to be operational from today in order to start with this initiative as soon as possible so as to not miss this unique opportunity of the lioness donation from the European zoo.

Tajić said that as soon as the money is operational, we will start with other procedures such as arrangements of export-import permissions and preparations of the medical documentations.

“The European association for zoos and aquariums (EAZA) will determine from which zoo the lioness will be delivered to us”, said Tajić.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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