Municipality Center Allocated 33.000 BAM for Projects for Winter Sports

nordijsko skijanjeIn order to develop and improve winter sports, municipality Center allocated 33.000 BAM from its budget for the implementation of projects in order to generate public interest in the area of sports, and is mainly focused on the younger generation.

At the proposal of the Commission of the Municipal Council for Sport, supported by the municipal Mayor, six sports organizations received budgetary support. These are: 8.000 BAM for the sports club ZOI’84 with the project for the ski school season 2013/2014, 8.000 BAM for the mountain club Fasto-school for cross country skiing for students of municipality center Igman 2014, 5.000 BAM each for bobsledding and skeleton club Sarajevo-preparations for Sochi 2014, ice hockey club Bosna-BHL Kids, sports association of Canton Sarajevo-school of alpine skiing 2014 and 2.000 BAM for the ski club Igman with the project ‘Let’s all learn to ski-Nordic skiing’.


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