Municipalities of Sarajevo will have the Option of charging Parking Places around the Buildings

The Law on the Traffic Organization in Canton Sarajevo was adopted at the last session of the Assembly of CS, and deputies will, among other things, consider the transfer of responsibilities from the cantons to the municipalities when it comes to regulations and charging of parking lots around residential buildings, at the session that will be held on July 31.

Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic stated that they are currently conducting activities in which the responsibility of charging, zoning, and managing of all parking lots will be assigned to the local community.

“The whole story got a bit twisted shape. In one of the laws is stated that there is a possibility to create zones around the buildings, or to plot places where people are parking their vehicles and thus provide a permanent parking place to tenants because they do not have it now. This is requested by a large number of people, and the law also foresees this possibility,” said Konakovic, noting that this could be done in the future.

He added that the amendments to the Constitution that should be adopted at the session that will be held on July 31, should fully entrust these obligations to the management of municipalities.

“That will represent additional revenue for municipalities and I am sure that some municipalities will do that at the request of their citizens,” stated Konakovic.

“There are a lot of people who are requesting for the parking space in front of their buildings to be visibly marked, regardless of whether or not it will be charged. In the settlement Ciglane, Breka, as well as some other places, citizens are even paying penalties because they do not have a parking space,” noted Konakovic.

(Source: I. C./Klix.ba)


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