Multi-million Swiss Investment in Zvornik to bring New Workplaces for 40 People

Works on the construction of a plant for the production of molecular sieves are in a full swing. This is a valuable Swiss investment in Zvornik.

“Currently, works on the construction of external construction parts are taking place, after which will follow the installation of production and similar equipment. Part of the installation of production equipment is taking place at the moment, as much as it is possible, because of the works that take place in and around the building. We can be proud because the object is in the final phase, which was not easy to get to this phase with over 1000 tons of steel installed,” said Zoran Petkovic, the project manager.

Swiss company Zeochem, which is part of the CPH Chemie + Papier Holding AG Group, purchased 5,400 square meters of industrial land for the construction of a production facility in March this year.

The new production facility Zeochem is a part of the investment worth about 9 million CHF.

Petkovic says that this project largely increases the competitiveness of the company on a global scale, because the projected factory, besides the existing ones in Switzerland, the United States and China, will place its products on a global scale and on all continents.

“Zeochem Company will continue to offer high-quality products to its customers, especially products that have been part of the production portfolio in the factory in Uetikon in Switzerland,” stated Petkovic.

Contractors for the construction of a new production facility are domestic companies Jokic Invest, together with Enikon-Mont Zvornik, Steeltec Loznica, Loznicaelektro and Grijanjeinvest Pale, which are also performing the final construction works on the facility.


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