Muhamed Ganibegovic is the Winner of the Global Online Competition on Vision of Europe in 2050

Any decision on the future should be agreed with the youth, as it is their future. It is very interesting and useful to listen to different visions of Europe in the future and enable an exchange of ideas, especially during our celebration of Europe Day,said Nicolas Bizel, Head of the Operations Section for Justice and Home Affairs and Public Administration Reform of the Delegation of the European Union to BiH, during the BiH finals of the Imagine Europe 2050competition.

Muhamed Ganibegović, a 26 year old law student from Zenica, was announced as the winner of the global online competition, presenting his vision of Europe in 2050, in which numerous social problems are resolved, in terms of employment, adequate education, climate change, rule of law, technology and conscience.

In order to support Muhamed’s innovative approach towards the future, he was awarded with a voucher certificate at today’s event. “Thank you very much for the opportunity to present my idea and for giving me this award. This is a great opportunity for the youth to present their ideas, and I hope you all like my vision of Europe in 2050,” said Muhamed.

Imagine Europe is supported by our biggest programme for student exchange and youth; Erasmus+. I benefited through the programme when I was a student. It was a great experience, my best student years. You discover a lot of new cultures, discover new things and learn a lot,” remarked Bizel, who invited students to apply to programmes such as Erasmus+.

Imagine Europe is an idea competition inviting all ages and nationalities to present their visions of Europe in 2050 through a short, written and video-recorded pitch. Twenty finalists from all over Europe reflect on possible solutions to issues of concern to Europe and the global community, contributing to the future development of the European Union. During the public voting, held in the EU Info Centre, the participants had an opportunity to view and mark all twenty finalists, as well as to discuss opportunities available under the Erasmus+ programme, the future of the EU integration process, as well as the impact of science and technology on our everyday lives.

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