How much will the reconstruction of Sarajevo Airport cost?

April 26, 2017 5:00 PM

Sarajevo Airport Finances wikimedia.orgAs part of preparations for the reconstruction of the take-off at the Sarajevo International Airport, currently there are works on the reconstruction of a part of the parking platform for aircraft.

Construction works are taking place 24 hours a day, and the Sarajevo Technical Services Department has undertaken organizational and technical measures to ensure that the construction will not affect the safety and regularity of air traffic.

“Reconstruction should be completed by the beginning of May. The value of the investment is close to 800,000 BAM, and about 3,500 square meters of existing parking platform will be reconstructed, all in accordance with international ICAO standards,” confirmed Sanja Bagarić, expert associate for the Public Relations.

To recall, Ilidza Municipal Council adopted the Decision on establishing the public interest “Expanding baseband runway of the International Airport”.
The councilors voted for the land of about 15 acres, located near the Sarajevo airport, to be in the public interest and that it can move in the procedure of determining the ownership and purchase of land from the owners.

This decision is expected to increase the runway on airport and will meet the needs of the Sarajevo International Airport in accordance with the master plan, which is an integral part of the spatial plan of Sarajevo Canton from 2012 to 2023, says the Assistant Chief for Property Affairs Nijaz Aljović.

“With this decision, we have determined public interest in order to gain access to the process of expropriation, ie excluding land and payments to the previous owners according to the proposal and requests, which will, after this Decision, be submitted to the PE Sarajevo International Airport. We are speaking about the private land and after the trial, decision, we will start on determining the fees that will be given to the land owners”, said Aljović.

(Source: klix/ ST)



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