How much will cost the Construction of the Fast Road Sarajevo-Belgrade?

motorwayTwo Sarajevo institutes, IPSA and Eptisa BiH, submitted and presented technical study for the construction of the fast road Sarajevo – Vardiste to the Delegation of the European Union in BiH, in which they determined the five variants of the construction of the fast road Sarajevo – Belgrade, the total length and costs of all sections with routes and instructions in details.

The first and the most unfavorable route that was proposed in the study, Pale – Sokolac – Rogatica, with the length of 113.2 kilometers would cost 1.2 billion EUR.

The most favorable route is over Praca, which would cost a total of 994.6 million EUR. The length of the route is 113.4 kilometers and it would go from Praca through the canyon of Hrenovica and then through the bank of the river Drina and across Ustipraca to Vardiste in Visegrad. On this route would be built tunnels and bridges, according to the submitted study.

Experts from IPSA and Eptisa BiH on the fast road Sarajevo – Belgrade predicted the construction of loops in Lukavica, Pale, Sokolac, in Praca, Hrenovica, Mesici, Ustipraca and Visegrad.

The fast road would especially solve the problem of detours around Rogatica, Visegrad, and Sarajevo who have transit traffic passing through the city center or near it.

Places Pale, Gorazde and Sokolac would get the road of high rank in their vicinity to which they could be quickly connected over existing or newly constructed road network.

The study did not define whether within the fast road will be open or closed systems of payment.

The Government of Turkey showed interest in financing this route, and after the presented studies, the authorities need to agree on the most convenient and most efficient route.

(Source: Dz. C./Klix.ba)

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