How much Taxes the Tax Administration of FBiH collected in nine Months of 2016?

Revenues from Taxes depo.baTax Administration of FBiH notified the public that public revenues in the amount of 3.238.715.868 BAM have been collected in the period from January to September 2016, which is 323-530-390 BAM or 11.10 percent more than in the same period in 2015.

In September 2016, the amount of collected public revenues was 370.137.031 BAM, which is 42.875.152 BAM or 13.10 percent more than in September 2015.

Total amount of collected direct taxes in September 2016 increased by 28.77 percent or 25.265.246 BAM in comparison with September 2015.

A total amount of 256.741.537 BAM was collected in September 2016 on the basis of contributions for pension and invalid insurance, contributions for health insurance and contributions in the case of unemployment. That is an increase by 7.26 percent or 17.377.817 BAM more than in September 2015.

Tax Administration of FBiH will continue implementing measures and activities under its jurisdiction, with the aim of collecting public revenues.

Tax Administration of FBiH thanks all tax payers who perform their legally prescribed duties and the citizens who contribute in any way to the revelation of all those who work illegally.


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