How much Money can We take over the Border?

When crossing the border of BiH, especially during the holiday’s season, passengers should know their rights and obligations, one of them being that they are able to take money in the amount of up to 10,000 EUR over the border, while they must have the certificate of the competent institutions for any greater amount.

“Personal luggage” includes items of a non-commercial character that are intended for the personal use of the passenger or his household, including items that the traveler is using during the journey.

Customs benefits per passenger are also applied to goods of a non-commercial character, and they include gifts and souvenirs in personal luggage whose customs value is not larger than 200 BAM.

Regarding traveling and crossing of the border with pets, it is necessary to have a valid passport that is issued by the veterinary office under a certain number. Getting a passport for a pet is related to the electronic identification or marking a dog with a microchip.

When it comes to medications, medicines for personal needs of passengers are allowed in the amount that is necessary for the usual therapy, with appropriate medical documentation.

The holder of a travel document, a citizen of BiH who is under the age of 14 and accompanied by a third party, must have the consent of both parents or legal representatives or guardians that are certified by the competent authorities.

(Source: FENA)


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