How much Average Citizen of BiH pays to the Health Care System?

April 8, 2017 10:45 AM

healthy-hospitalsThis year, the World Health Day is devoted to depression. It is also an opportunity to once again ask the question what kind of health care system fo we have in BiH and how our shared medical record actually looks like?

“The health care system in BiH is practically virtual with about thirteen systems, and they do not communicate with each other. What citizens of BiH really need is a unique health care system without any financial and other borders, and which allows you to get health care in every part of BiH,” said Dr. Bakir Nakas.

That is not the situation at the moment. In BiH, almost everything is divided – including the health care system: this department is organized on the level of two entities and Brcko District, with ten cantonal ministries of health only on the territory of FBiH. According to some estimates, the FBiH spends over 2.5 billion BAM for the system of health on the annual basis. That is more than 650 BAM per citizen on the annual basis. However, are citizens really satisfied with the treatment they get?

When it comes to the health of citizens of BiH – based on data from Cantonal Institute of Public Health in Sarajevo, and some other entity institutes – illness of respiratory system is the most common reason for citizens of BiH to go to institutions of primary level of health care. Those are mainly acute infections of the upper respiratory system, then acute bronchitis and diabetes. In the top ten leading contagious diseases in the FBiH is influenza or similar diseases, although citizens of BiH usually get ill from non-contagious diseases.

System problems are not uncommon in health care, nor other sectors. The line from long waiting in line and bad logistical support and depression is really thin.

(Source: Nikola Vucic/N1)


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