Ms. Beganovic: Fashion District in New York is my second Home

FullSizeRenderMs. Beganovic, can you say for the Sarajevo Times when did you start designing? How it began? Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

It’s really hard to pin point when did the love for fashion and designing started. As a 5 year old stubborn girl I was always responsible for my outfits. My mother couldn’t convince me to wear something that I didn’t like or anything that I thought wasn’t properly paired. One day my mother caught me cutting my brand new skirt (I was trying to make it shorter and wanted to add pins to it) , she was furious. Even though my mother was furious, it felt really good to cut and change the look of my skirt. At that moment I wasn’t aware of my future and what I would become one day. Wrapped up in the cycle of life I completely neglected my passion and my true calling. I didn’t go to fashion school nor do I have a degree that is related to fashion. I knew one thing – how to draw well.

In 2012, when my best friend/business partner and I decided to start our own clothing brand, I finally gave myself a fair chance to pursue my dream. For me, that was the part of my life when I found out who I was – a fashion designer. I started sketching and creating designs. That was the first time I indulged in my dreams of felicity.

Can you tell us more about the connection between New York and BiH you made? Is there any story behind it?

After finishing high school and attending School of Economics and Business in Sarajevo for one year, I made a decision to move to the USA in August 2007. That was a crucial move for me and my future. First four years I attended few colleges and I was working. At that time my dream was to become an interior designer. I worked for few companies and my love for interior design was growing each day. That changed after I met my business partner in 2010. He helped me to see my vision crystal clear and we worked together towards building our brand Madison Peyton New York. The idea for the company was born in 2012, and the company was officially registered in April 2013. Starting out we didn’t know anything about this industry nor how this business should be ran. First few months Fashion district in New York was our second home. We were constantly on the road, visiting different factories, interviewing different people, visiting different stores and building our relationships with boutique owners. It took many sleepless nights, constant research, a lot of foot work, emails, a lot of trial and error and a lot of people shutting doors on us to stand where we are standing now. We are working with a great team of people, great manufacturing factories in Jersey and New York, and our fabrics are being purchased from top-notch factories. The proper work ethic and organization is what we practice in Madison Peyton New York. I’m currently in Sarajevo, spending some quality time with my family, while working on new designs and sample making. With great help from my parter, and other people in the company, I am able to enjoy my hometown and also complete all my business tasks.

NYThe name of your clothes’ brand is Madison Peyton New York. Can you tell us the story behind the selection of that name?

It was hard to pick the right name. The name needed special tone to it, since the brand main target were fashionable, independent business women. Madison Avenue was always my favorite Ave ever since I came to New York. Peyton was selected by my business partner who’s nieces middle name is Peyton. In Scottish and American the meaning of the name Peyton is: royal. This was the perfect fit. In the end we added New York, since that’s where it all started.

By visiting your official website I noticed amazing dresses, many of them were sold out. Are you satisfied how the sale is going?

Thank you. I’m very satisfied with our sales. Our retail store is our website. We established our wholesale accounts with boutiques across the country (I’m referring to America). Of course I always strive to make things better and improve our sales and our designs. We are working along side with creative fashion bloggers from Los Angeles, Miami and New York. That helps a lot, since fashion bloggers are fashion idols these days.

What were your inspirations for the designs you created?

I find inspiration in everything. I’m constantly thinking of new designs.  For me, the main inspiration is women’s beauty, her comfort, her integrity and independence. As a woman I always want to feel comfortable and beautiful in my outfits, and I strongly believe all women will agree with me.

elma4What are your plans for the future?

In life to succeed in anything, having a plan is a necessity. We are planning to expand our wholesale accounts in America and start shipping worldwide. We are also planning to do a fashion show in which we will present Madison Peyton New York to the Bosnian audience. There is also speculation about opening a show room in Sarajevo, where future clientele will be able to purchase my designs. Over all the future plan is to build my legacy and tell the best fashion story that I can.

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Interview by Zejna S.Y

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