Mountain Lodge with the View on 14 Mountains to be constructed on Trebevic

The most beautiful view on BH mountain pearls of Via Dinarica Jahorina, Zelengora, Velez, Treskavica, Visocica, Bjelasnica, Igman, Prenj, Cvrsnica, Cincar, Vranica, Bitovnja, Vlasic and Ozren will be available from the mountain lodge Jure Franko on Trebevic Mountain.

The mountain lodge Jure Franko on Trebevic Mountain will be constructed by Primoz Juvan from Slovenia. He married a Bosnian and changed his Slovenian address to Sarajevo more than a decade ago.

“The idea for the construction of a mountain lodge was born 7 years ago while I was working abroad. Since I have a house in the village of Miljevici at the foot of Trebevic in my possession, I used to climb and I missed a place where mountaineers could sit down, enjoy the view and refresh themselves” said Juvan.

When asked how and when he “fell in love” with the capital city of BiH, Primoz said that he started hanging out with people from Sarajevo when he first came to skiing in Bjelasnica.

“Back then, I simply liked the lifestyle. There is no such running after money like in Europe, where money still represents the main priority. A person can still talk to friends and I believe that people have a nice life here” said this Slovenian.

Mountain lodge Jure Franko will be about an hour and a half or two away from the Trebevic cable car, and according to Primas, mountaineers can use a beautiful and sunny day for sure.

“They will be able to eat soup, drink a cup of coffee or tea, and then slowly return to the city. Friends from MS Trebevic and East Sarajevo will mark the trail so everyone will be able to come from Lukavica without any problems. All hiking trails from Sarajevo and Trebevic lead towards the lodge. I would like to thank the Municipality of Stari Grad for issuing the construction permit for the mountain lodge Jure Franko,” concluded Primoz.

He also added that the lodge will have a view on 14 mountains and he invited everyone to come.






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