Mothers of Srebrenica: This was not an Attack on Vucic, but on our Dignity

mothers of SrebrenicaMothers of Srebrenica have strongly condemned the attack on the Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic in the memorial complex in Potocari.

Vucic was attacked with the delegation of Serbian when leaving the Memorial complex in Potocari, which spoiled marking of the 20th genocide anniversary in Srebrenica. Most Bosniaks condemned such behavior of a group of people, for whom they believe that came to Potocari with only one goal, and it was to make an accident.

“This was not an attack on Vucic, but on all of us, on our dignity. That was done by a group of people among whom I haven’t seen the victims. Unfortunately, all will be rewritten to us. I am deeply disappointed and I feel hurt like it happened to me. Not because of Vucic, but because of our dignity that we keep for 20 years“, said Munira Subasic, president of the association “Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa enclaves“.

As she said, all mothers of Srebrenica share her opinion and condemn this act of a group of people.

“All of them asked why this happened to us. It was important for us that this 20th anniversary goes well. 40 countries had their representatives, Those who did this shouldn’t need to do this through us. Whatever is happening, always goes to the detriment of victims“, added Subasic.

Now there is a question how this event can affect the returnees in RS. Subasic said that she will not go to the marking of the genocide in the Agricultural Cooperative Kravice on 13th July.

“I will not go there. Not because I am afraid but I do not want to risk my life“, said Subasic.

She was in the delegation that welcomed representatives of foreign countries.

“We greeted with Vucic and I said him to work according to his conscience. I gave him the Srebrenica flower with which he was attacked. I am really sorry that this happened“, said Subasic at the end of the talk.

(Source: klix.ba)

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