Mostar to become a Gallery of Outdoor Contemporary Art again this Year

The Street Arts Festival will turn Mostar into an outdoor gallery of contemporary arts for the seventh year in a row. Young artists from all over the world will transform plain façades of newly constructed building or of the ruins of Mostar into art works in front of the eyes of the passers-by in the period from June 2 to 21.

“We already hosted a painter Aleksandro Reis from Brazil, who painted a beautiful mural of Luciano Pavarotti in Santiceva Street. Our Maid Redzic will paint one part of Santiceva Street, and we also hosted an artist from Argentine who painted near Mala Scena of HNC,” said Marina Djapic, manager of the festival.

Parts near the North Camp will be painted as well, and artist Koraljko Greben from Metkovic will make one installation at OKC Abrasevic.

“The idea of the festival is to decorate the streets of Mostar with even more quality murals, and our main focus is on Santiceva Street, which can represent a real gallery of murals by itself,” stated Djapic.

“I imagined people living on the other planet, there will be also some buildings, trees, shrubs. People are giving their energy to nature with green blood,” as the Italian artist who lives and creates in Berlin, Marina Djapic, explained her art work.

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