“Morea“ from Kiseljak plans to build a New Factory and expand Sales Markets

Morea company“Morea“ company, as one of leaders at the domestic market when it comes to furnishing home and offices, plans to build a new factory in Kiseljak next year, as confirmed by Fuad Bajrovic from company “Morea“.

By building of the new factory, expanding of the production and work of another shift will be enabled.

They are satisfied with operating in 2014, and hope to accomplish good results in 2015 as well.

Intention of the administration of “Morea“  is to expand the production and sales, so its representative office has been opened in Croatia, based in Zagreb. However, this is not the end. Vision of “Morea“ is to penetrate the market of northern Europe, with an emphasis on the Scandinavian countries, including Great Britain as well.

What is specific for “Morea“ is that it exports 70% of its products to Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia etc.

As Bajrovic said, they differ from other at the market by design, quality and timeliness of delivery.

“Morea“ employs around 70 workers with significant experience in the production. It has its own production space that is modern equipped (around 1000m2) and storage space (around 1000m2).

Next to the factory, showroom with an area of about 350 m2 is located.


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