More Tourists To Herzegovina Every Year

Bosnia-Herzegovina-Mostar-11From the beginning of the year, there were 11,884 visitors to the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, with 7,100 visitors to Mostar, conveyed by Fena through the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Tourist Association, which said that there are more and more tourists to Herzegovina every year.

This year, the most number of guests came from Croatia, Italy, Germany, France, China, Slovenia, the US, Serbia and Great Britain.

Although tourists from Russia now need a visa for Croatia, the number of Russian tourists in BiH did not increase, but the number of Czech and Polish tourists increased.

Tourists in Mostar are mostly interested in the Old Bridge and the old town as well as well-known areas that are shown in tourist brochures. Tourists are thrilled with the natural beauty and hospitality. However, they are dissatisfied with the trash, parking and large amount of beggars.

The Tourist Association said that it would be necessary to work on these problems so that more tourists would visit Herzegovina.

Otherwise, tourists in Herzegovina stay there around two to four days.

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