More than 51,000 People signed Petition to revoke Nobel Prize from Peter Handke


The popular platform has launched a petition to revoke recognition from this year’s Nobel Prize winner for literature, Peter Handke.

The petition was launched a month ago, and so far it has more than 51,000 signatories.

The December 10 protests in Stockholm on the occasion of the Nobel Prize in Handke for Literature have been announced.

“As a survivor of genocide, I hope one day this man, Peter Handke, will allow me to tell him personally what happened to me and my family,” reads one of the comments on the petition.

The highest award in literature goes to a writer who denies the existence of concentration camps that it was my accursed honor to find in Bosnia in 1992, who lauded Slobodan Milošević, the mastermind of the hurricane of violence of which they were part, and contests the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995, The Guardian reports.

Handke was not just expressing his opinion in his book A Journey to the Rivers: Justice for Serbia and his homily at Milošević’s funeral – he went out of his way to give credence to mass murder and, in this context, as importantly, to lies. He offered to testify for Milošević at The Hague; had he done so, we might have met – on opposite sides.


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