More than 500 People got employed in Donji Vakuf in Six Months

A total of 523 persons got employed in the area of Donji Vakuf in the period from January 1 to June 30, this year, and they were included in the Register of Employment Bureau in that town.

“Between 250 and 300 people were employed in the newly opened company “Olip”. Moreover, a large number of workers, mostly welders and other professionals in the metal industry, were employed in some local companies,” said head of that bureau, Enes Skandro.

He added that 806 persons were deleted from the register during the aforementioned period, and that a large number of employees got their employment in companies that are dealing with wood industry.

“Besides people who found their new job in Donji Vakuf, there are also those who got their employment in other municipalities, such as Bugojno, Jajce… Some of them went to work in Slovenia. The smaller number of them passed away,” he stated.

He also emphasized that 135 people were employed thanks to mediation of the Employment Bureau in July, as well as that 131 people were registered as unemployed.

“Currently, there are 2,392 unemployed persons, of whom 93 have a university degree and 56 have diplomas of higher education. A total of 581 persons have secondary education, and there is a large number of qualified workers in the structure of the unemployed population, i.e. 1,650,” said Enes Skandro.

(Source: biznisinfo.ba)


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