More than 400 Babies born in 2018 in Vogosca, additional 400 expected until New Year

The municipality of Vogosca can be proud of the fact that it is leading in BiH when it comes to the number of newborn babies and young married couples. In the past year, 424 babies were born, while more than 400 babies are expected to be born by the end of 2018.

In Vogosca Municipality, mothers receive one-time financial assistance for the first or second newborn child in the amount of 100 BAM.

A woman who gives birth to third, fourth and every subsequent newborn child has the right to receive 200 BAM in cash.

In the municipality of Vogosca, the number of young married couples has increased, and they can easily buy an apartment in newly built settlements under favorable conditions.

The construction of children’s and sports fields created the ambiance of pleasant and safe living in this local community, was stated from the Municipality of Vogosca.

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