More BiH Citizens Are Working on Luxury Cruises

kruzerThe starting salary of 1.000 USD, paid food and accommodation are the reasons why more unemployed BiH citizens are working on luxury cruises.

Helena Vehovec, the owner of the agency RIV from Slovenia, confirmed to ‘Dnevni Avaz’ that there is higher interest for such jobs. She has been engaged in this business for 20 years.

Vehovac said that many BiH citizens that came to Croatia and Slovenia for interviews are already working on cruises throughout the world, and this agency is organizing on 7 July new interviews for candidates in Sarajevo.

“There are job offers for hair stylists, masseurs, cosmeticians, doctors, receptionists, fitness trainers, and vendors. We are working for big companies such as “Carnival Cruise Line”, “Royal Caribbean Cruises”, “Costa Cruise Line, “Holland America Line”, “Crystal Cruises”, said Vehovec.

In addition to the professional qualifications for the job, she said that candidates should have at least 21 years of age and speak English. She said that they would travel throughout the world, ‘wherever there is a sea on the world map’’.

“The advantage of working on a boat is that the employee does not have any expenses, because the company pays for food and accommodation, which means that everything that is earned belongs to the employee. The salaries range from 1.000 USD and more’’, said Vehovec.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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