More and more traffic Accidents in BiH: People are losing their Lives because of Alcohol

The lack of awareness of traffic participants about the importance of respecting all the rules, as well as the poor road infrastructure, unfortunately, affect the black statistics of our country. Only in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) the number of traffic accidents, deaths, and injuries is continuously increasing.

In the territory of the FBiH in the last three months of this year, 5.432 traffic accidents occurred, which is 280 more than in the same period last year. In these accidents, 42 people were killed, while 2.025 people were slightly and severely injured, which is an increase of 500 injured in the same period in 2020, Klix.ba writes.

July as the darkest month

Tuzla Canton (TC) is currently in second place when it comes to black statistics in the FBiH, and the authorities from that region of our country told that a significant increase in traffic accidents was recorded in July this year. Among other things, the reason given is the greater presence of cars due to the holiday season and the arrival of BiH citizens who are living outside our country.

“In July, 270 traffic accidents were recorded in TC, and in the mentioned period, 7 people were killed, which is 2 more deaths compared to the same period in 2020. In these traffic accidents, 18 people suffered serious injuries, while 124 were slightly injured, ” pointed out Amra Kapidzic, spokeswoman for the TC Ministry of Internal Affairs Police Directorate.

When it comes to fatalities, in the category of traffic participants, there were 3 drivers, 3 passengers, and 1 pedestrian. Regarding the category of roads, the largest number of accidents in the observed period was recorded on the highways, 86 accidents, then on the streets in the settlement (74), while the remaining number was recorded on local roads.

“According to the data for the period from January to the end of July this year, a total of 1.653 traffic accidents were recorded in TC, in which 23 people died. 104 people were seriously injured, while 879 were slightly injured,” noted Kapidzic.

From May to the end of July, in the territory of the FBiH, as many as 1.200 traffic accidents were caused due to driving a motor vehicle at an unadjusted speed, while 208 of them occurred as a result of sitting behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol.

Also, according to Kapidzic, the occurrence of traffic accidents is significantly influenced by many other factors, such as road infrastructure, traffic density, and the technical correctness of vehicles.

“While analyzing the causes of traffic accidents, it can be seen that the cause of the majority of them is the driver, ie traffic participants, more precisely non-compliance with the Law on Fundamentals of Traffic Safety on Roads in BiH. The causes are unadjusted speed, the influence of alcohol, the use of mobile phones while driving, but also improper reversing, not keeping a distance, improper turning, improper inclusion in traffic, as well as improper passing or overtaking, ” explained Kapidzic.

BiH is at the top of the European scale in terms of traffic mortality

According to statistics, almost 30.000 traffic accidents occurred in BiH last year, in which 244 people died. Such black statistics brought our country to the very top of the European scale in terms of traffic deaths, which last year amounted to 69 deaths per million inhabitants, unlike the European Union (EU), where 51 people died per million inhabitants.


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