More and More People in Need: New Public Kitchen to be opened in Gorazde

A public kitchen should start operating in Gorazde next month, which will realize the long-standing idea of ​​the Regional Committee of “Merhamet” Gorazde.

The director of this organization, Ermin Hodzic, emphasizes that the need for a public kitchen is becoming more and more pronounced in this part of the country, considering the number of users who need this type of help.

According to him, the project will be implemented in cooperation with the City Administration of Gorazde.

“Unfortunately, the need for a public kitchen is great and we were the only Regional Committee within Merhamet that did not have it, but we hope that in a month that will change. The public kitchen and bakery, in agreement with the mayor of Gorazde, Ernest Imamovic, who gave us the space, will start working in the former Student Home. In the beginning, we planned from 100 to 150 users, and that number will increase over time according to needs,” Hodzic explained.

He states that the number of users who need to be provided with a quality meal, unfortunately, is increasing.

“In this way, efforts will be made to provide meals for people in a state of social need, and through conversation with our users, everyone has expressed the need. They will have the opportunity to receive quality meals, including meals on weekends, so that the public kitchen and bakery will be in function and at the service of citizens every day, by which I mean Roma families,” said Hodzic.

He added that a contractor will soon be selected for the adaptation of the building of the former Student Home, which will be adjusted to these needs.

The Merhamet public kitchen and bakery should start operating in mid-October.

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