Montenegro changed Decision on the Entry of Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can still cross the Montenegrin border with negative ELISA and ECLIA tests.

At today’s session, the National Coordination Body of Montenegro, the body responsible for prescribing epidemiological measures, made a decision on the border crossing regime for BiH citizens traveling to Montenegro: Due to the fact that until the order was issued on Friday in the countries to which the previous conditions of travel began or accommodation was reserved in Montenegro, it was decided that entry into our country be allowed in accordance with the decision of the competent authority and persons with a negative ELISA result. IgM test or negative ECLIA test, issued by a registered laboratory and not older than 72 hours at the time of entry of persons into Montenegro, provided that these persons have not resided in any of the countries from which it is prohibited in the period of 15 days before entry into Montenegro entry, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

This means that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can enter Montenegro as before.

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