Monica Bellucci: I am Pleased to be Back in Your Country

monicaDirector Emir Kusturica said tonight in Trebinje that the Italian actress Monica Bellucci is the best choice for the role of spy in his film “Love and War” and that there is no any person in the world that could be better than her.

Kusturica at the press conference at the hotel “Platani”, which was attended by the movie star Monica Belluci, emphasized that her role is very interesting and that she can present it in an appropriate manner.

“She is a very feminine character and has to play the complete opposite role, the role of the spy, who during the last war, with the fell of Knin Krajina lost and changed her identity”, explained Kusturica, who in the film plays Kosta, the main male character.

He added that Monica plays the role of a person who comes in Kosta’s life in order to get the passport of other country, but at the end of the story all this turns into a great love and she sacrificed for him while he spends life in a strange way, daily climbing up the hill above the town.

“For this role there is no better person in the world than Monica. If you are asked with which woman would you be able to fall in love at the first sight, it would certainly be her”, said Kusturica, answering the question of why he chose her for a role in the film.

Kusturica has clarified that the film “Love and War” is a story about love and war. He said that it has a mythological dimension of a “snake’s role” in human lives since before the Old Testament.

“This is an unusual, historical-adventure film, and the most important is that it has all the basic and existential ideas about human life”, said Kusturica.

Bellucci was pleased about this cooperation with Kusturica, stressing that she respects his work.

“I am really excited that I am here, it is my pleasure to be in your country, to work with Emir, I am very motivated, for me all this brings strong emotions, the film is really strong, violent, I would say very intense”, emphasized Bellucci, noting that she had learned Serbian language for the film, as well as, she is familiar with the locations of the film shooting.

The first ten days, as long as will last the shooting, she will be located at the hotel “Platani” in the city center.

The first three days will be recorded in Zelengora, two days on Mokra Gora, and then at Kamena Gora in Prijepolje, after that the stuff returns to Hutovo Blato.

After shootings at these locations will be followed by a break, after this in Uvjeća near Trebinje will be recorded for a month and a half. In the film of Emir Kusturica “rame uz rame” together with Bellucci will play the Serbian actress Sloboda Mićalović.


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