Money collected for the Treatment of little Baby Dalal

Money was collected for the treatment of little Dalal Omerovic from Bihac, who was suffering from the most serious leukemia form, and all humanitarian actions for the little girl were completed.

This information has been posted on Facebook page “Za Dalal” on Friday, with great thanks to all of those who have, in any way, participated in the humanitarian actions.

“Thanks to all who worry for Dalal. Thank you for sending positive energy and hope. Thank you for having Dalal in all your prayers. Dalal is a lion and she will survive everything that will happen to her, and with your help Dalal has been given the opportunity to be treated. You gave her a chance to live. You gave her her chance to grow up and with God’s help, she will live to the fullest. We do not have enough words to thank you for everything you did. Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH, “ it is written, among the other things, in the message.

Dalal is currently in the Clinic in Essen, where she is waiting for the beginning of the third cycle of chemotherapy.

“After chemotherapy is done, complete testing and bone marrow transplantation, which costs 150.000 euros is followed. If there is a need for additional funds, families and friends will organize new humanitarian actions, and we are sure that you will support us all, as you already did, “ says the Facebook page.


(Source: Faktor.ba)

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