Mogherini: to introduce the Western Balkans into EU and support the Strong Cooperation

mogherini ivanic covic izetbegovicMembers of the Presidency of BiH received EU High Representative and Vice-President of the European Commission, Federica Mogherini. She visited the Western Balkans, a region that is located in the heart of Europe and is a key priority for the European Union, as noted at the meeting.

In the interest of the Western Balkan countries and the European Union is to introduce the Western Balkans into the European Union and support the stronger connection of the region in the fields of economy and infrastructure, and strengthening of regional cooperation and good neighborly relations.

They expressed support for the reform process and the reform path towards the EU of each of the partners of the Western Balkans.

The High Representative, referring to the current political situation in BiH, stated that the European path is the opportunity for all outstanding issues to be quickly resolved and for BiH to move forward. She will convey the message to EU institutions that, despite the existing problems, there is a strong will to progress and that it is necessary for BH government to keep the positive trend towards European integration with joint efforts and dialogue.

During the meeting was discussed the currently visible progress of BiH into EU integration and economic development, and the impetus was given for the further fulfillment of the tasks of the Reform Agenda and finalizing the response from the Questionnaire of the European Commission, which is a prerequisite for the further development and prosperity of BiH.

Members of the Presidency of BiH welcomed the support of the EU during the last year in examining request of BiH for membership into EU, and expressed hope that this support will be continued in the future in the context of the progress of BiH on the EU path, especially in the process of acquiring the candidate status.

Members of the Presidency of BiH expressed their gratitude on personal involvement and interest of the High Representative Mogherini for BiH, as well as institutions and EU Member States for their continued support to BiH within the European integration process.


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