Brcko Supervisor and Austrian Ambassador visit discuss Reform Timelines in Brcko

Brčko Supervisor Michael Scanlan and Austrian Ambassador to BiH Ulrike Hartmann met on Monday in Brčko with senior officials of the District Government and Assembly, representatives of the “STUDEN & CO Holding,” and the management of the Brčko Port. The Supervisor also met individually with heads of the Public Works Department and “Putevi Brčko.”

The Supervisor underscored that key infrastructure projects and legislation ensuring transparency are interconnected: “Only if everything is in place will Brčko develop and attract investors to grow the economy and create good-paying private sector jobs.

Modernization of the port and a functional bridge are possible due to donors and Brčko’s special coefficient, but transparency measures embodied in the new Law on Conflict of Interest, changes to public sector hiring, enhanced financial oversight over public companies, and fixing non-transparent laws adopted in urgent procedure in the previous mandate can only be done by the District’s elected officials. The future of Brčko District is dependent on its elected officials putting the community’s interest first.”

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