Modernization of AF BiH involves the Purchase of Armored Vehicles and Helicopters

Republic of Turkey will help Armed Forces of B&H with 3,3 million TLReducing the number of soldiers and promising locations are planned within the Review of the Defense, a document that represents the vision of the Armed Forces for the next 10 years. Thus, among other things, it includes the modernization of the army with the purchase of armored vehicles, helicopters and a number of other equipment.

The Defense Plan envisages reducing the number of professional soldiers in the Armed Forces of BiH from the existing 10,000 to 9,200, and the reserve force from 5,000 to 4,600, while the number of civilians remained unchanged and amounts to 1,000.

With this document, the number of prospective locations from existing 63 was reduced to 57, of which six are ammunition and mines storage sites. When redefining the number of prospective sites, it was noted that attention was paid to the entity and regional balance.

Modernization plan envisages, among other things, the purchase of helicopters, armored combat vehicles, wheeled infantry, high-quality anti-tank systems, air defense systems and tools, equipment to assist civilian authorities as well as the strengthening of the capacity for fighting terrorism.

In terms of enhancing and improving the system of logistical support were incorporated logistic units to improve direct logistical support where necessary.

In the structure of the infantry brigades, as part of the first infantry battalion were defined the first motorized company, which, by their structure and equipment to fully comply with the implementation of the NATO concept of operational capabilities and evaluation.

(Source: klix.ba)


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