Mladic’s Defense requested additional Time for the Appeal?

The Defense of Ratko Mladic filed a request for some additional time for the appeal before the ICTY.

Mladic’s lawyers are asking for additional 150 days, which would mean that the Defense would have a total of 180 days available for the preparation of the appeal, instead of 30 days.

The deadline for submission of the appeal is December 22, but the Defense considers that this amount of time is too short. They are requesting additional five months considering the extent of the first instance verdict.

The Defense noted that Mladic’s verdict contains a total of 2,541 pages and 18,211 footnotes, which, as they stated, makes that verdict the most extensive one in the history of the ICTY.

They also noted that the extension of the deadline is appropriate considering the health status of Ratko Mladic. The request was signed by his lawyers Branko Lukic and Dragan Ivetic.

The Hague Tribunal sentenced Ratko Mladic to the life imprisonment on November 22, with the explanation that he ” significantly contributed to the execution of the genocide in Srebrenica and other war crimes that were committed on the territory of BiH”.

(Source: klix.ba)



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